Dear Values Customers!

On the occasion of changing seasons, from the cold wet Winters to the warm and dry Spring, the whole Vietnamese nation rekindles the longest festival of the year – the traditional Tet festival in Vietnam.

The official time of the festival usually lasts from 7-10 days, however, its preparation time and echo are from tens of days before and after that ..

“Tet holiday” is when everyone in the family, whether away from home, in another city or even living in another country, tries to reunite with their grandparents, parents … where they usually are Gather together, wishes each other good things in the new year …

Red Spring flower of the North and Yelow Mai Flower in the South are the flowers of the spring because it only blooms once a year on the right occasion of the season, like the Western trees of the West, almost all All Vietnamese families are beautifully decorated in this great occasion ..

On the occasion of the new year according to the calculation of the Vietnamese people, we would like to send our sincere wishes and good luck to all of us, wish you a successful and happy year …. .